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Fariha app :iconsupermegaultrabanana:supermegaultrabanana 4 2
Spirit Festival: 2016
The Townsquare has been decorated with snow and with a small stage at the center with some ceremonial ribbons all around it, there with food and drinks and many chairs under a set up roof for the people to sit to watch the important ceremony that Moondrop has to offer. Truth to be told, some of the food was mysteriously dissapearing if people would look away from the food table. The Sprites were there for some reason and were mostly hidding under the stage and under the food table to eat the food they've stolen, no one can blame them, the food was quite tasty.
Carefully the plump florist made her way over to the table where drinks were set out and added a bottle of rosehip wine to the table. Elaine was still rather uneasy at the festivals. It was a sort of strange sense of dejavu, as everything was so different from the year prior yet in a way it all looked the same. But that said she was hopeful that she would still bump into some friends and hopefully have a nice time.
Lantana was ju
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Kappa's and Witch's important bickering
Wow this is a good day in the forest, so calm and nothing could go wrong! Oh wait no, this is wrong. Correction! The Witch had set some traps to get some rabbits since she's broke again to buy food in the village. She waits in her home patiently as she's hungry, she likes food.
The Kappa had left the water with an old mixing bowl on his head. He was a bit sluggish as it was so cold out, but some raccoon had found it's way into his stash of fish and made off with a good chunk of it. he needed to replace food... He knew humans sometimes set traps in the woods. If he was lucky, maybe he could find something. All did not go as planned, however, and klaus found himself caught in a trap instead. this wasn't a good day for him.
One of the Witch's magical alarms screams and she got up and ran into the deeper part of the forest to check on her trap, FOOD! ITS FO- What the heck is that thing?! Clair stops when she looks at the Kappa and stays there for some minutes staring at him " What the crac
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Fariha app

▎  P R O F I L E -


Name: Fariha Lima

Role: Star

Gender: Female

Orientation: Bi

Age: 24

Height/Weight: 7'1" & 160lb

Birthday: 16th May

► P R O F E S S I O N A L . I N F O R M A T I O N

Occupation: Singer&Dancer

Magic Skill(s) :

Speed boost- Fariha enhances the speed of her own body to high levels to make a strong kinetic force in her legs, also can be applied to others. Unfortunately about this spell, it exhausts her body but also its harder for Fariha to suddenly stop so suddenly, she needs either to keep moving to gradually slow down or get in the air to float.

Flight- Fariha is able to fly freely but cannot make others fly or carry anyone that would weight more than her.

Lightning- The signature spell Fariha is more known for, she is capable produce electricity within her body, making her able to coat her whole body or parts to protect herself and for physical combat or simply concentrating the mass of energy into her hands to shoot out. Fariha has to be careful concentrating the amount of energy she generates, one moment losing concentration on a specific body part, she will shock herself.


[Role Item]
Star Credit

[Reward Items]

[Personal Items]

                                                                                                                         Glasses and family photos in her wallet

►     P E R S O N A L I T Y

At least 5 Positive Traits Direct | Strong will | Polite | Empathetic | Honest

Fariha is a very sentimental woman who will do her best to understand people and try to make them feel better about themselves by being nice and cheerful to them. She usually is a very honest and polite person, she's not rude so often. Once with something set in her mind, she's not going to give up and do what has to be done no matter what it is.

At least 5 Negative Traits Shy | worried | Crybaby | low self esteem | Trusting

Fariha is very socially shy around people, she may not look like a person like it but she is very shy to approach to talk with anyone, she worries more than she needs to which its very problematic. The tall girl is also very negative about herself, thinks that most things she does will only bring unhappiness to people even if she tries hard, she trusts people easily and way too much even if she doesn't know them that well, leading her to be tricked into things.

►    H I S T O R Y

. P A S T .

Fariha has lived most of her life in a touristic island with her family, she grew up to be an entertainer for a restaurant with her, siblings and cousins as their parents worked in different to be able to pay for rent.
Being the eldest daughter, Fariha is the eldest Daughter in the Lima family with five younger siblings in a very cramped house, specially being really tall its not very suitable for someone who needs space to move around, she was always taught by her parents to do the right thing before thinking of herself, a thing that forever sticked into the back of her head throughout her whole childhood.
Fariha was given a choice to be working somewhere else instead doing shameful dances that everyone would remember and laugh at her which didn't help her at all with her shyness problem and got more self conscious.
Fariha actually choose and moved to somewhere else as soon she got her chance, she was very excited to move out of the cramped house with the money she saved with all the years of entertainment in the Salt Island to travel around and to get another job if she ever was that lucky. Fariha moved out of Africa and moved to Europe to see the world, better to start with the big place, rich with interesting things!    

.  P R E S E N T .

Fariha actually got a job in the streets first to gather money to eat since she was saving most of it for travels but every prayer were answered for something different, Fariha's talent got recognized by a talent hunter randomly when she was singing in a park, Fariha was taken to Dionysia and was turned into a star, becoming a sensation with her spicy dance moves that hypnotized the audience along with her voice to make it sweeter. Of course she also got tested if she even got any magical talent, finding out she got affinity for Lightning, after explained after all of that interest was about, she thought hard and decided to truly become a Star and fight for people. Fariha now lives in total comfort and learning new things everyday, she's fascinated how different the culture in Dionysia is compared where she lived.

►    M I S C E L L A N E O U S


✔ Food, all kinds, she's not a picky eater

✔  Games, they're quite new to her and are fun!

✔  Finding out new ways she can style her hair without having to cut it

✔  Meeting new and interesting people


✖  Being so tall, people feel intimidated around her

✖  Not able to wear every clothes she wants

✖  Wearing her glasses, she moves around too much, they'll just fly off

✖  Shocking herself when she distracts herself while using lightning


  • She comes from an island called Salt, literally

  • Fariha is literally physically incapable to wear pants, the pant legs are too short for her
  • Fariha is too embarrassed to tell you why exactly she left her Island, she will one day tell if she knows you good enough


  • Name: Relationship to character (Family, friend, boss, mentor, ect) : Explanation

►    R O L E P L A Y

About me:

The Townsquare has been decorated with snow and with a small stage at the center with some ceremonial ribbons all around it, there with food and drinks and many chairs under a set up roof for the people to sit to watch the important ceremony that Moondrop has to offer. Truth to be told, some of the food was mysteriously dissapearing if people would look away from the food table. The Sprites were there for some reason and were mostly hidding under the stage and under the food table to eat the food they've stolen, no one can blame them, the food was quite tasty.

Carefully the plump florist made her way over to the table where drinks were set out and added a bottle of rosehip wine to the table. Elaine was still rather uneasy at the festivals. It was a sort of strange sense of dejavu, as everything was so different from the year prior yet in a way it all looked the same. But that said she was hopeful that she would still bump into some friends and hopefully have a nice time.

Lantana was just chillin on the wall around town square with a bottle of some sort of alcohal and a couple of shot glasses. She was nursing one of the glasses as she watched the empty square, hopefully something interesting would happen.

Emily appeared nervous as she looked around the town square. It was empty. Where was everyone? The ceremony was going to start soon! Emily glanced up at her horse as he nudged his head against her arm. He didn't like it when momma was worried.  And momma looked pretty in her voilet gown and colorful flower crown that accompanies her braid. Had it not been the sprites asking her the night before she would gave called jerri to do her hair. Never in her life had she thought she would be PART of the ceremony, instead of attending.  "Thank ye,laddie. I needed that." Her face lit up recognizing the familiar face and headed her way.  "Too of tha mornin tah ya lassie♡ " she greeted

Hadley was in the town square, standing imposingly over the banquet table in high heels as she waited for things to start up. She was well dressed for the occasion, almost a little over the top in a bright orange dress and massive earrings shaped as yellow flowers that matched the blooms in her hair. It wasn't every day you were given a task by a group of magical sprites, she wanted to look the part.

Why was she here again? Oh right. Somehow she had ended up telling Yuu she'd stop by so she could meet his daughter. "Why did I say that?" Chris inwardly groaned, none too happy to take part in a holiday about spirits. If Isidore were here he'd most likely tell her everything was fine and that the spirits were friendly....and then start to ramble about his deer friend for the next ten minutes or so. The thought cheered her up a tiny bit.

Some of the Sprites noticed that two of the people who were chosen have arrived, Blueberry, the worrying Sprite  ran to Chris and tried to call for her attention, she seemed to be really nervous so she wants to cheer her up.

Pumpkin, the sleepy Sprite walked over to Hadley and patter her foot to her attention, he seemed to try to care about the event.

Worst of all, Plum ran to Emily as she had an entire cookie sticking out of her mouth and knocked on her shoe like if it was a door. "Hey hey! Human! Kick their butts! You'll do great!"

Elaine had been a bit distracted with her thoughts, causing the short woman to be startled and jump a bit before turning to Emily with a bit of an awkward smile. "Hello again. I do hope you have been well?" Looking over how fancy Emily was dressed she asked curiously. "Are you part of the performance this year?--- Oh." She had hardly gotten the question out when she noticed the small sprite at Emily's foot already essentially anwsering the question.

Emily blinked curiously as she looked down at the tiny sprite. "O-like! Tis you again tiny plum. I do hope ye mean tha evil spirits and nun me friends." She knelt down holding her hand down for the sprite to walk on if it desired.  "Ye..apparently tha honorable goddess chose me an some others for tha ceremony" She smiled some chuckling nervously. "I dun have any instrumental talent but me mum taught me to sing in key" she continued her conversation with Elaine. "But aye, I be well an good"(edited)

Hadley didn't notice the tapping on her foot at first, lazily watching the few people slowly arriving in the square, she picked up a tiny sandwich and opened the bread to check what the filling was. Finally she noticed the patter of the sprite trying to get her attention, and she leapt a couple feet away, startled. "Oh it's just you little orange guy, sorry." she laughed and crouched down as gracefully as she could, making an effort not to flash her knickers to the people in the square. "Hey there."

It took a few minutes for Chris to notice the tiny little sprite. When she didn't her body broke out in a cold sweat. Oh, crap, it's one of them, Trying her best to smile, which really looked more like a grimance, Chris managed to greet the small creature with a, "H-hello there...." followed by a weak wave.

Not too far away Moto watched the sprites greet everyone with an amused look on her face. Nemo was facinated by their small hats and had almost lept off his owners shoulder a few times to snatch one. "Nemo~" Moto warned him while watching one of the farmers nervously talk to a tiny blue sprite. "Don't even try it."

"Of course the evil spirits!" The Sprite jumped onto the hand and stood there proudly. "Well that's why we gave you a microphone for that! You won't mess up with the song!"

Pumpkin looked up to the lady and slowly have his arm to her and yawned. "Hello miss, you feel pumped to participate into this thing?" The Sprite didn't seem even to give any emotional speeches.

Blueberry looked down when she realized Chris isn't very happy to see her, the tiny Sprite started to sob, she's so worried about everyone's happiness so she's crying because she can't really make Chris happy with her presence.

Can you hear it? Oh no... Oh no! Peach runs towards Nemo the monkey and leaps on his back, she's riding a mighty steed! How she jumped a few feet? Easy, her legs are ripped as hell, the weird Sprite looked at Motto. "Hi! It's me! Peach!"(edited)

Elaine gave a small nod in response to Emily but was mostly watching the curious looking sprite. "A friend of yours?" She asked Emily without taking her eyes off of the sprite.

Emily rose from the ground smiling at the little sprite. "Oi, jus started bein friends♡ this is Plum one of tha harvest kings sprites. Aint she a beauty? Loves to eat she does." She looked at the cookie in its mouth and couldn't help but stretch her grin. "Enjoyin tha food, lassie?"  She spoke, feeling less nervous knowing the sprite had some confidence in her. Emily patted the head of plums gently.  "After tha, festival dun forget to stahp at me home. Me pa has sent me some jam and jellies."

"Heck yeah I'm pumped, It's my magical destiny right, Ma will be proud of me!" Pumpkin was so cute, Hadley made a strange face and scooped up the little sprite in her hands, placing him carefully on the buffet table. He made the tiny sandwiches look enormous.

"Ah! Oh, shit oh no, no no don't cry!" Oh jeez now what?! "Uh uh-" Their name! What was their name?! Her name, Chris mentally corrected herself. "B-Blueberry?" Was that it? "Please don't cry!" Crap, she was going to start to have a panic attack soon if the wee one kept this up.

"Heh, hello there Miss Peach~" Moto winked at her small friend. Nemo chirped in annoyance clearly unhappy that he was being ridden. "Try not to pull Nemos hair too hard, he needs it." A gloved finger gave the top of Peaches hat a gentle bop. "You're quite the energetic one, aren't you?"

Plum snickered at Emily and Elaine. "A very good friend! I do enjoy food a lot." She said as she swallowed the whole cookie. "Oh boy! I love jam!" No one's house will be safe from her.

Pumpkin chuckled at Hadley. "Everyone's destiny is magical around here." He said as he laid down next to a sandwich that will be serve him as a fine bed and snack.

Blueberry sniffled and looked up at Chris, she suddenly stopped crying just like that. "Oh okay, well it is nice to see you again miss Chris. I hope you understand how important today is."

Peach patted the monkey's head. "Peach won't pull too many hairs and Peach is the most energetic Sprite there is! Have no fear! I am here!" 0f course the sprite strikes a pose on her mighty monkey steed.

"Nice to meet you Plum." Elaine smiled to the lil thing in Emily's hands.

Emily smiled brightly, turning her attention to Elaine. "Are ye doin alright lassie? Been a long while since ye visited me ranch" it was true. The last she seen elaine was when she first moved in the village. A lot of folks came to her ranch as a surprise welcome visit and for others a practice run for the horse race. Elaine,Emily remembered, was very polite and quiet.  "Ye preparin yer flowers for tha flower festival? I know it be soon"

Hadley giggled, unsure what to make of the comment. "If you say so fella." She finally took a bite from her tiny sandwich, assured that whatever was inside wasn't meat. Cucumbers and cream cheese perhaps. Hadley wondered if she should ask the sleepy little guy about what exactly she was meant to do on stage, she was a little fuzzy on the details after magical fairies had woken her in the middle of the night. Nah whatever it is she was sure she could just wing it! She glanced around attempting to spot the other sprites in the crowd, were those the other people she was meant to be performing with? Her bright smile faltered a little when she spotted Moto and her monkey.

Well that was...abrupt. "Erm...not...totally?" She admitted sheepishly. "I'm not an uh....I'm not an expert on magic...stuff." She had wanted to say magical crap but that seemed a tiny bit rude.

Moto laughed. "Good good! I need my Nemo to be content or he'll fuss~" Nemo screeched in annoyance but did nothing to dislodge Peach. "So what is it I have to do?"

Plum grinned at Elaine and blew a kiss to her, yes, that's how Sprites flirt, being adorable. " Oh you make flowers? No wonder last year the gods were so happy around the Flower festival."

Someone do something, Pumpkin is about to fall asleep on a sandwich that he isnt going to eat.

Blueberry cleaned the tears off her face and nodded. " Its just fine, all you need to do here is to lead the others in the song, all you need to do is just enjoy the music, I know the only people more expert in the magic area are the Witch and the Monk, they're nice people but they werent chosen by us to perform this year but they'd have to do the same you're doing today, have faith." She smiled to Chris. " Do you want to see something amazing?"

Peach looked down at the monkey and gave him a smooch, a flower popped out behind his ear. " Well all you need to do is just to play the instrument, just go with the flow, enjoy the music, after the song is done, you can do whatever you want, people here usually stay and dance and eat food until they cant any longer." least she knew Chris wasn't the most, uh, qualified for the spot. "Well ...I do like music.." the woman lamely admitted, not really sure how to talk to the sprite. It seemed social skills were lacking today. When Blueberry mentioned a surprise Chris almost turned her down, only pausing when she remembered how easily the small female had become upset. It was doubtful whatever she wanted to show the woman was a bad surprise...otherwise the sprite might just end up upsetting herself...which was pretty counterproductive. "Sure?" she replied, a tiny bit curious.

The tiny kiss (though it might have been the magic trick) silence Nemo. He simply watched as the sprite and human continued to converse as if was a normal occurance. "I think I can do that," Moto chuckled. "And what about you? What will you be doing?"

Blueberry smiled at Chris and took out a rock from her tiny hat somehow the rock was bigger than her own head, she showed the rock and kissed it, a flower bloomed from it and she reached it up for Chris. "Here, for you. It's pretty right?" Well it is a pretty flower. How can a flower be a bad surprise? "We harvest sprites help crops growing up so I like growing vegetation out of impossible things because they also deserve to be pretty, its a hobby." Someone pet this cinnamon roll, please.

A kiss that actually was just to make the monkey pretty and smell nicer, looks like a little bit of love was the solution for the monkey. "Well we sprites will be watching, usually we're very sneaky, stealing food from under the table, we like food a lot and hidding under the stage too." Oh gods Peach exposed their hideout of the year, it's not like they were hidding that well though.

"Miss Elaine makes any flower pretty. Had I any time to prepare me hopes was to get fresh flowers to put in me braid instead of these fake clippy thingies. " she chuckled holding the purple sprite in her palm. Emily couldnt resist but to pet the little darlings head. She was just so adorable, a bit loud but adorable nonetheless. "oi, plum. How much longer till we wait for the ceremony? Im gettin antzy" she asked starting to get concerned as she seen no other townsfolk coming.

Hadley paused from glaring at Moto to notice little pumpkin napping on a tiny sandwich. Unsure if it was safe to leave him there, and concerned that he might become an accidental snack if she did, Hadley picked the sandwich up and held it gingerly. Would the show start soon? What was she expected to do exactly? She wandered away from the snack table into the town square's centre, her tiny orange guide in tow.

Well that was...amazing. Chris said as much to little Blue as she gently took it from her hands. Huh. Well you look at that. "Its...lovely." Blinking, the woman slowly smiled and gave her a tiny pat on the head with one of her fingers. "Whats...your favorite thing to grow plants out of?"

Moto chuckled at poor confused Nemo. To her this was all endlessly amusing! "Hmmm, maybe I should start leaving food out for all of you~" Moto teased, only half serious. Gods, if her sister heard her say that she'd make Moto stick to her word. "Would you like that?"
Spirit Festival: 2016
Sadly the rp was short but thank you for who participated.

Word Count: 2,619

Points per character: 150
Characters: Elaine, Lantana, Emily, Hadley, Chris, Moto
Hibah app
Preferred Name: Hibah    
Full Birth Name: Hibah Afraa
Birthday: February 2nd
Gender: A girl
Parents: Nadyra Afraa is her mom, what is a dad?
Age: 8
Height: 54" tall
Weight: 64lb
Favorite Hobby: Doodling things! Hibah actually has talent for art

Personality: She is a cheerful child, she is very positive, secluded, easy to cry, evil, bad tempered if you annoy her, she'll swear like a sailor and make you wet your pants threatening you with a bitting baby.

Most Favored Gifts:
• Lemon flavored food, she looooooves lemons
• Sweets!
• Sketch books

Least Favored Gifts:
• Pinneaple
• Sour food
• Socks

• Her baby brother, she likes to use him to make people's lives miserable, the baby doesnt seem mind it either...
• Studying
• Plushies!


• Cows, they're mean to her
• Being told her eyebrows are too big for a child, she'll step on your foot really hard!
• Peaches, she's allergic to it and makes her gag.

History: Hibah grew up in a very lonely life, since she remembers, she only had one parent, her mother, she has been growing up a bit secluded from other children because A) in a rich school all children had both parents and B) she'd get mocked for it. She was used to it and mostly ignored the mockery, she'd just go to her corner to do her own business like dooking on a sketchbook since she was in kindergarden.
Hibah never understood the concept of parenthood to be honest, she knows what is a mother but has no idea what is a father or what he should do, she could see her mother dating other men and ending up as a failure when they find out Hibah existed, they'd just leave without saying a thing. In the end it made Hibah pity her own mother and make her try her hardest to make her mother happy which actually meant Hibah started to study more than the usual, so much she started to learn other grades subjects with internet research, she had enough knowledge to skip grades if she wanted to and her mother knows but she doesn't allow Hibah skipping so she can at least enjoy her childhood. 
One day Hibah was doodling in her room and she could hear noises from the neighboor and noticed her mother had gone missing, one hour later her mother came bloody and with a baby in her hands, Hibah never asked what happened but she had to learn a new thing. How to become an old sister! Hibah took some time and some cringing with the diaper changes but she loves her new baby brother a lot. When it was time to leave the country to get to another to reach Moondrop, Hibah wasn't so thrilled like her mother because there was no school so she started to close herself at home to study at least 8 hours to get the feel of school time which makes Nadyra a bit sad for her daughter for not using the free time to have fun outside.

Additional Information:
Halloween Event Pink
Pink likes Horror, not many would guess that from someone who wears with bright colors

Halloween Meme- 500 Yggs
Line Art-Full body- 200 Yggs
Full Colour- Mixed Shade- 250 Yggs

500+200+250= 950 Yggs


supermegaultrabanana's Profile Picture
Catarina Morão
Artist | Student | Digital Art
Current Residence: Porto
Favourite style of art: My own
Personal Quote: I never trust on my own brain




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