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Hibah app
Preferred Name: Hibah    
Full Birth Name: Hibah Afraa
Birthday: February 2nd
Gender: A girl
Parents: Nadyra Afraa is her mom, what is a dad?
Age: 8
Height: 54" tall
Weight: 64lb
Favorite Hobby: Doodling things! Hibah actually has talent for art

Personality: She is a cheerful child, she is very positive, secluded, easy to cry, evil, bad tempered if you annoy her, she'll swear like a sailor and make you wet your pants threatening you with a bitting baby.

Most Favored Gifts:
• Lemon flavored food, she looooooves lemons
• Sweets!
• Sketch books

Least Favored Gifts:
• Pinneaple
• Sour food
• Socks

• Her baby brother, she likes to use him to make people's lives miserable, the baby doesnt seem mind it either...
• Studying
• Plushies!


• Cows, they're mean to her
• Being told her eyebrows are too big for a child, she'll step on your foot really hard!
• Peaches, she's allergic to it and makes her gag.

History: Hibah grew up in a very lonely life, since she remembers, she only had one parent, her mother, she has been growing up a bit secluded from other children because A) in a rich school all children had both parents and B) she'd get mocked for it. She was used to it and mostly ignored the mockery, she'd just go to her corner to do her own business like dooking on a sketchbook since she was in kindergarden.
Hibah never understood the concept of parenthood to be honest, she knows what is a mother but has no idea what is a father or what he should do, she could see her mother dating other men and ending up as a failure when they find out Hibah existed, they'd just leave without saying a thing. In the end it made Hibah pity her own mother and make her try her hardest to make her mother happy which actually meant Hibah started to study more than the usual, so much she started to learn other grades subjects with internet research, she had enough knowledge to skip grades if she wanted to and her mother knows but she doesn't allow Hibah skipping so she can at least enjoy her childhood. 
One day Hibah was doodling in her room and she could hear noises from the neighboor and noticed her mother had gone missing, one hour later her mother came bloody and with a baby in her hands, Hibah never asked what happened but she had to learn a new thing. How to become an old sister! Hibah took some time and some cringing with the diaper changes but she loves her new baby brother a lot. When it was time to leave the country to get to another to reach Moondrop, Hibah wasn't so thrilled like her mother because there was no school so she started to close herself at home to study at least 8 hours to get the feel of school time which makes Nadyra a bit sad for her daughter for not using the free time to have fun outside.

Additional Information:
Halloween Event Pink
Pink likes Horror, not many would guess that from someone who wears with bright colors

Halloween Meme- 500 Yggs
Line Art-Full body- 200 Yggs
Full Colour- Mixed Shade- 250 Yggs

500+200+250= 950 Yggs
Nurse Bae
10+100= 110 points to be added

Couldn't resist to make Jake to dress up a nurse sheep for fun.~
CE-RE Pink Lavanda
N a m e s:
[T r a i n e r] - Pink Lavanda

    - Trainer Description:  She is a chubby looking young woman with light green eyes and hot pink curly hair decorated with a purple ribbon. Pink is wearing a simple lilac shirt with a top, she wears a custom made fine tailored pants to be able to fit her legs with boots to go match with the color. She usually this kind of pants with simple shirts to be able to move around at her will without having disadvantage from her body build. She also likes to wear fluffy looking sleeveless dresses or at least with a shirt underneath. She usually uses Pinks, purples, reds, oranges and greens.  - Personality:  Nice, Honest, Protective, Energetic, Shameless, Crybaby.         Pink usually treats anyone she meets well and likes to know about them as much she can, unfortunately she's also brutally honest, not only about her but also about people too. This young lady has an instinct to protect the people she knows when it is necessary. Even though looking inoffensive and delicate, she is very energetic but also shameless about what she's doing or saying, she's a huge nerd and gets over excited over things, specially when it comes to the food theme or specific things she likes. Pink when gets upset, she usually gets like that when she thinks she hurt someone's feelings or hers or even something that happens that looks like a big deal to her like she accidently drops Chub Chub's food on the floor and she'll cry a river asking for forgiveness and be sad for him even though it's not a big deal because Chub Chub is a Snorlax and doesn't care about food on the floor.

[P o k e m o n] - Chub Chub (Snorlax)
    - Pokemon Description:  Chub Chub is a big soft Snorlax that stands up more often than the other Snorlaxes usually do.  - Personality:  Trusting, Lazy, Selfish, Spoiled, Lovable Fellow, Dedicated.     Chub Chub trusts anyone who feeds him right away but will be expecting more from that person the next time he meets with. As the usual, of course Chub Chub is selfish with his food and tends to not share it with the other Pokemon but strangely he only shares with Pink, never did with anyone of her family. Chub Chub has been spoiled for most of his life and loves to be petted and fed, he will roll with his belly up demanding for petting either on his head or on his big belly and wont stop rolling to anyone's side until you do it at least once. Chub Chub is completely docile in general and lets Pink sit or lay down on him whenever she wants to, the same happens with her family members and friends if they also want to. Lastly Chub Chub has been dedicated to protect Pink and those who she trusts if necessary, when present, Chub Chub will open his eyes if someone harms or insults Pink a lot and that means there could be a bad time, he'll always support his best friend no matter the situation when he can.
[A n o n] - Mint

    - Anon Description: Mint wears an extremely looking Heavy Armor with huge Snorlax Claw looking Gauntlets, the lights coming from the Gauntlets are usually decorative to serve as distraction for the enemy think its where Hyper Beam is from. Under the Gauntlets Mint wears long gloves that serve to protect her skin while wearing those beastly Gauntlets. Mint's hair is blue and cream from the fur color of Chub Chub, she wears her hair down with a Snorlax head piece to look decorative, the eyes simply are red and yellow as a small joke about the Snorlax snapping in the Pokemon Z-Move preview.     - Personality: Sassy, Relaxed, Shameless, Protective, Demanding, Selfish.     Mint speaks in a sassy way most of the time, she doesn't mean to sound rude, its just how she sounds when speaking. Her relaxed nature makes her look lazy but she'll slowly still going to do things when others ask her to do, Mint just is going to take her time to anything and wont get angry so fast. Like Pink, she's shameless about things but is more shameless than the trainer herself, she also is very shameless and will do it more to disturb to those she doesn't like. Mint is a demanding woman who will wait for anyone to do something for her exchange to do anything for them, of course she will obey the officials and the higher ranked members of the army. She inherited Chub Chub's selfishness for food, she could be eating pounds of food and not share a piece of it with anyone unless its someone who's truly friends with her.
A g e: - 23

D. O. B.: 16th May

H e i g h t / W e i g h t: - 5'3/ 1,60cm - 189lb/86

C o u n t r y: - Seze

L a n d: - 

F i e l d:
 - Army

D i v i s i o n: Heavy Combat

J o b: - Soldier

A b i l i t y: - Thick Fat- reduces the damage taken from Fire-type and Ice-type moves by 50%.

L e v e l: -6

S t a t s: - 
  • Strength: 10
  • Defense: 5
  • Agility: 2
  • Intelligence: 0
B i o: - Pink was born and raised by a berry farmer family from Uthgard. She was the only child of two loving parents who worked hard to have a comfortable life in town along with some cousins who were also living there. She also had family in Nocturnia who worked in restaurants as bakers. Because their pastries required berries, it was a win-win situation for the family and the business they were working for. While both of her parents were busy working, little four year old Pink was left in the care of her cousins and uncles most of the time, taking her on trips to go see her extended family in Nocturnia and play with them. She eventually started school to acquire a normal education like any other child. However, Pink would sometimes be teased by how she looked but luckily she always had friends by her side to tell the other kids to eat dust.

One day on a school camping trip to Mt.Holofiel, Pink sneaked off with her friends when their teachers weren't looking to go explore around the mountain, but they eventually ended up getting lost  without knowing how to get back. Luckily for them, Pink's mother had packed enough food for her daughter to last her for 3 days. Being the the nice child that she was, she shared her food with the others. While they were distracted eating, a wild Munchlax who saw the delicious food jumped out from the bushes, grabbed Pink's bag, and ran away. Being the stubborn child that she was, she went after the Pokemon and grabbed the Munchlax by it's fur to pull him back, but this only provoked the Pokemon to eat most of the food as it struggled to break free from Pink's grip. Eventually, the Munchlax ate the last of her food as it stopped struggling and tossed the empty bag, feeling satisfied with the food it had eaten. However, for some strange reason, something felt off about the pokemon. It didn't look happy despite gobbling up all of Pink's food. It was right in that moment Pink realized that the Pokemon was alone. Normally Munchlax are with their mother until they have grown enough to fend for themselves but this particular Munchlax looked too young to be on its own. Did it steal Pink's bag because it was hungry? Did its mother abandoned it? Was it an orphan? Feeling Sympathetic for the pokemon, the little girl wanted to take it home and care for it, but she knew the teachers wouldn't let her bring a pokemon to camp, much less feed it since Munchlax are known to be huge gluttons. One of Pink's classmates had the idea to put the Pokemon into a wheeled backpack, believing that the teachers wouldn't notice it. To her surprise it worked like a charm. Pink came back home with the Munchlax which brought a huge scare to her parents seeing a Pokemon head popping out of her bag. At first, both parents were unsure about having a Munchlax on their farm, fearing it would ruin their work if it were to eat all their stock, but of course with a lot of sad eyes from Pink, her parents let her keep it, but with the condition that she would have to be the one who would feed it. Pink was very pleased with her parent's response and named her Munchlax Chub Chub, quite ironic.

Years have passed and both her and Chub Chub grew up and became very good friends, almost siblings. Pink finished her studies and her Pokemon eventually evolved into a Snorlax which started to cause problems. Chub Chub started eating more than the usual and demand more food. In response, Pink had no choice but to start working right away by helping her mother at the shop and raise more money to provide more food to feed her and her pokemon.

One day, one of Pink's cousin's from Nocturnia called her with some sad news. Her other cousin, Flora applied to join the military but failed at the Fusion test and ended up becoming a Pseudo. Feeling worried, Pink moved to Nocturnia to live with her cousins to help support Flora in her time of need. Poor Flora couldn't even use her hands, she was permanently fused with her Roserade. Pink got a job that had a decent amount of pay to be able to feed everyone in the house. Thankfully with the benefits her cousin Flora was getting from the government, Pink didn't need to get anything fancy to help her move around. But of course by living in Nocturnia, Pink also had to learn some self defense to scare away those who would have ill reasons to harm her when she walked home from work. She knew that no one would mess with a chubby lady that knew how to protect herself. At some point, Pink decided to join the military like Flora once did, wanting to open new doors, expand her knowledge about the world around her, and protect her family and country from any harm that would come from Xydia. With her mind set, what challenges would this experience bring to her.

P o k e - F u s e r : - Grandmother's locket

M a i n   W e a p o n : - Armored Gauntlets

S u b   W e a p o n : - N/A

A t t a c k s : - 

Mega Punch (Normal)
Power: 80
Mega Punch deals damage with no additional effect.

Hyper Beam (Normal)
Power: 150
Accuracy: 90
Hyper Beam deals damage, but the user must recharge on the next turn (bringing its effective power down to 75 per turn).

Yawn (Normal)
Power: ---
Yawn makes the target drowsy on the turn it is used. If the target is still on the field at the end of the next turn, it falls asleep. Sleeping Pokémon cannot move (with some exceptions such as Snore). Sleep lasts for 1-3 turns.

Crunch (Dark)
Power: 80
Accuracy: 100
Crunch deals damage and has a 20% chance of lowering the target's Defense by one stage. Stats can be lowered to a minimum of -6 stages each.

Heavy Slam (Steel)
Power: ---
Accuracy: 100
PP10 (max.16)

Heavy Slam inflicts more damage the heavier the user compared to the opponent. The table to the right shows the different base powers for each ratio, where r = UserWeight ÷ TargetWeight

For example, if the user's weight is at least 4 times more than the target but less than 5 times, Heavy Slam hits with 100 base power. 

5 ≤ r        120   /  4 ≤ r < 5    100  /  3 ≤ r < 4    80  /  2 ≤ r < 3    60 /   r < 2    40

W a l l e t  &  T r a n s a c t i o n s :…

B a g : - N/A

A d d i t i o n a l  I n f o: - Chub Chub is 6′11/ 2,11 cm tall and weights 1014.1 lb/ 460 kg 

- Mint is 6'7/ 2m tall and weights 740lb/ 335 kg

R e f e r e n c e: - Optional ...


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Personal Quote: I never trust on my own brain




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